NaCl, or salt, has a variety of chemical applications. In the textile and clothes industry, rock salt is popularly used to keep products dry, once packaged. Small packets of salt are common, although this is not a safe product for consumption. Desiccants contain not only halite (salt in crystal form), but also some chemicals which are dangerous when consumed, but increase the desiccating effects of this natural resource on it’s own. These packages are familiar to consumers, but their warning labels are intended to prevent the consumption of chemicals other than salt.

Most of the world’s salt is not used for its desiccating effects, but since textile and product retailers require that merchandise be kept dry, rock salt is a completely viable and cost-effective means of creating value for the end-user. NaCl may also be packaged in combination with other desiccants which may be more efficient at reducing exposure of sensitive products to water. Far from a mystery, these combinations are designed not only to draw water away from the product, but to absorb moisture before a sensitive fabric or item of electronic equipment is exposed at all.

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