We are more than halfway through this the year of Biodiversity and how much has happened in this area so far? Not much, it seems. A sad negative is that countries around the world have failed to meet their 2002 pledge to reduce nature loss by 2010.

What is encouraging is that a major report, to be discussed next week at the meeting, has concluded that if business plays a major role in protecting ecosystems it benefits everybody. Perhaps, when it is recognised that working with nature rather than taking advantage of it actually generates profit, something more than paying lip service will be done. There is time, just.

For example, electric cars, it seems, are the vehicles of the near and far future. One British minister has predicted that in thirty years time there will be nothing but electric cars on the road, and even today there is pubic discussion about how the development of this technology can be funded.

It is a fascinating thought that soon our roads will be populated with near-silent Noddy cars, but living as I do in an area of Britain where we cannot get digital radio at all and the broadband service is unavailable to many, I find it hard to believe that we will have electric charging terminals along our mountain roads any time soon!

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